Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Miss Moose Mouse

Most awesome pic of the most adorable 2-yr-old ever, right?!!!

Miss Moose Mouse has been going through a WONDERFUL stage lately. Whoever gave two-year-olds the "terrible" title didn't meet my kids. Both have been just delightful to be around while being 2. Lots of joy, discovering, exploding language, fascination, and many, many kissies:)

She has been LOVING Ben these days. The 2 of them will play for long, long stretches of time, laughing their head off and creating all sorts of play plans. They can make fun out of nothing, and will spend half a morning with each other, just having a blast. He is often the leader, but it usually isn't in a bossy way...its more like they both know that he knows more things, so he gets the idea started, and then they both go with the plan. One of their favorite games is to play "baby birdie". They will create a nest for themselves out of blankets, pillows and dolls, and then take turns pretending to be either the baby or the mommy bird. They will feed each other, take care of each other, and sweetly play together in their nest for the longest time. Tonight, however, randomly, they were ground hogs:)

Her language is EXPLODING! And, delightfully, her verbs are not all quite right yet. She mixes up the tenses quite a bit. Here are some quotes from this summer:
"Where is you, Daddy?" (where are you?)
"I dooed it by self!" (as in, I did it by myself)
"Let's look to the frog!" (look FOR the frog)
"What did Ben sayed?" (what did Ben say?)
"What did Ben dooed? (what did Ben do?)
"Mom, what do Ben has? Why do he need it?"

She has also been referring to herself by "I" instead of "me". If she needs to clarify who I was calling, instead of asking "Me?", she will yell from the other room "I?"
She also says "This one?" meaning herself:) If I ask her to hurry, she will sometimes say "This one is coming!"

Her speech has also gotten remarkably clearer lately. But she still has a few "baby" words that we are treasuring!
ley-yow for yellow
slip-slops for flip flops
pla-bah-bee for probably
sparking pot for parking spot
fay-vit for favorite
butterslies for butterflies
sumping for something
sanks for thanks
tory for story
sugar bite for mosquitoe bite:)
And this one has progressed lately: she was saying "airshner" for air conditioner, but now she is saying "airsner desner".

And lately, she has really gotten into our night time prayer routine. We always have the kids say something that they are thankful for from the day. She used to list some object in her line of sight (bed, doll, shoe, diaper, etc), but then realized that she could think of lots of family and friends to name. What fun! For quite a few days she was naming long lists of people, but then suddenly, I guess, that got too tiring:) Now she lists "Hazel (her newest cousin) and all my people". So, if you know Molly, you are being prayed for nightly:)

And lastly, yellow (ley-yoh) is her FAVORITE color! Seriously...favorite...color. And I don't mean "Oh, the cute 2-yr-old once said that she likes yellow". I mean every time that she sees even a hint of yellow, she yells at the top of her lungs, "Mama, LOOK!! fay-vit color!!!!!" Yellow flowers, yellow cars, yellow pictures, yellow pieces of name it. If it is yellow, she loves it:) Sweet girl!