Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Catch the Rosie Stick...

Gotta love kids in matching froggy boots!

So, I just had to take a moment to write about a game that my kids have been playing. It all started with a sucker, or rather, the stick that was left over once a sucker had been completely sucked.

The kids finished some suckers a few weeks ago, and out of the blue, Ben asked Molly, "Hey Molly, do you want to play 'Catch the Rosie Stick'?"

Because she is two, and pretty much likes any game that involved playing with Ben, she replied with an enthusiastic "Yes!".

Ben then threw the stick across the living room floor, and instructed her to hurry and go catch it. She happily took off, running for the stick, and grabbed it and brought it back to Ben. Both kids were laughing hysterically the whole time. Once she returned it to him, he threw it again, and yelled for her to "catch the rosie stick" again. This went on for almost 10 min.

And this game has STUCK! They both seem to love it, and they play it every time they find themselves with a random stick. After finishing a sucker...after finding a nice-sized twig on a walk...after being given a tongue depressor at the doctor's office...you name it!

And yes, I totally get that, essentially, my 4-yr-old is playing "fetch" with my 2-yr-old, as if she were his little puppy. But they love it, and really, aren't 2-yr-olds a little like puppies from time to time?

Thursday, March 11, 2010

And I quote...Ben

Here are some of my favorite Ben quotes from the past few months:

-"Whole wide world" is coming out "Whole white world"

-"classmates" is "classNates"

-He knows a bit about my work...he knows that I give "therapy" to kids, but he doesn't really know what it means. Last week, he told me this story about his own pretend therapy session: "Mom, Jayden, from my therapy session put his mouth on the model train! The electricity shot him and then he threw up!"
Sounds like a pretty rough speech-langague therapy session if you ask me:)

-I am delighted to share this story...he recently found a toy water gun, and pretended to shoot me. However, I have apparently so protected him from any type of violent tv or cartoons that he doesn't seem to actually know what sound a gun makes! Instead of shouting something like "pow" or "bam" as he shot the gun at me, he instead shouted "gun shoot...gun shoot...gun shoot" :)

-And finally, my new favorite. I got this request last week:
"Mom, when I sit on the couch and eat a snack and watch tv, it makes me think of Jesus. So could, I please sit on the couch with a cookie and watch a show?"
LOL! Who knew...being a couch potato is actually just another way to know Jesus! Woohoo!! Time for me to go to my new church!

And I quote...Molly

Molly's language has been exploding lately. We still get a few two-word sentences here and there, but generally, we are somewhere in the 5-word range, I think.

Here are some fun recent examples: (though as I type these, I realize this list is already dated! These were from Jan, and she is already talking so much more than this!)

-When playing trains with Ben, she insisted, "I can do it Ben!!" wanting to run the electric train without help. Then, when he took a turn, she instructed "Do faster Ben!" Apparently he wasn't feeling the need for speed as much as she was:)

-I heard her telling him to "scoot over!!" yesterday.

-In the morning, she will often sweetly ask, "Jammies off please" when she wants help. But lately that has been replaced with "Jammies off. Do it by self!" Then, when she's ready to take off the pull-up diaper that she slept in, "Bye bye yucky diaper!".

-In fact, she has been wanting to do lots of things independently lately. And when she wants to let me know that she doesn't need help, she will insist "Me by self!" or "I by self!!". And on a side note, she has been doing great with pulling her own pants and undies on and off, mostly independently. And she is great with socks and shoes.

-When she says upside-down, it comes out like "up-uh-side-down."

-When she says lay down, it comes out like "lown down".

-She loves to hide and help us guess where she is by asking "Where Molly go? Under blanket!"

-She likes to try to sing the Bob the Builder theme song, but it comes out like this: Boh du builder...wees can do it!! Boh du builder...wees can do it!".

I will try to get a better, more current list soon.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Birthday Girl!!

On February 23, 2010, Little Miss Molly-Robin Moose Mouse turned 2!!!

(Sorry this pic is a little old...this was from Christmas, after she had just finished a yummy Christmas cookie)

Thoughts on my tiny baby turning 2:

It does seem that she has been here forever, and also that there is no way she could be 2 yet. With Ben, I remember feeling that he was definitely ready for 2, and far from a 1-yr-old by his birthday, but with Molly, not so much. I have to admit that a big part of it is just size. I don't remember the exact pound differences, but I know that Ben had been well into 2T sizes and was wearing quite a few 3T clothes by the time he turned 2. He was always between the 75th and 90th %tile. But Molly, on the other hand, has just, within the past few weeks, starting wearing 2T clothes about half of the time...she is still in quite a few 18-mo outfits. So she is honestly quite a bit smaller, which makes it hard to adjust to her being 2 already.

Personality-wise, I would say that we are seeing a hint of the "terrible twos" here and there, but generally, she is still a very kind-hearted, good-natured, pleasant person. When she gets mad, she screeches louder than she used to, but she is still quite slow to anger, and very quickly redirected to try something else or to compromise.

She still LOVES her mama!!!! I have to admit, now that she is older and more independent, it is not overwhelming at all...no more complaints of the "monkey-vest" from this mama. In fact, it is just lovely to be so sweetly and so completely adored by a little one.
But also, she has finally opened up her little heart completely to Ben and Daddy, and it is unbelievably beautiful to see her loving on Daddy, or snuggling with Ben. She really is delightful when she shares her love.

She is REALLY into books and puzzles lately. And I will admit that I am enjoying every minute of it. Ben at this age was deeply into trains and anything with wheels that you could drive or push. Fun for him...but not so thrilling for me. So I am really enjoying and trying to savor this period of puzzle play and book-reading. And it is delightful to see how good she is. She will sit and try so hard for a good long time on very tricky puzzles.

She has been singing more and more lately, and seems to finally be more sure of how to get attention from random people, even with her boisterous brother in the room too. And her language continues to explode. I have a whole list of quotes that I have been meaning to blog, and even when I get around to writing them all, the list will already be out of date because she has been increasing her vocabulary and sentence-length daily.

She is still sleeping well, though we haven't gotten rid of the pacifiers yet ("pie pies", as she still calls them). My plan was to do it by 2, but these last few weeks have been unusual with out of town trips and visitors and illnesses, so it hasn't happened. Hopefully I will cross that bridge soon.

Her sweet, soft curls have stuck around. Her hair is so completely pretty sometimes! I'm not trying to be vain, but her hair really is stunning sometimes. We haven't had to trim it yet, and I a little afraid that if we do, we will loose the curls, so for now I am just enjoying her sweet curls.

And it continues to be SO AWESOME that she potty-trained so long ago. At this point, it has been so long since I had to change a poopy diaper on one of my kids that I barely remember how! It is so great to be generally free of a diaper bag. I keep a spare change of clothes for her in the back of the car, just in case, but never have to use it. SO great!

Basically, life is good and she is a delightful little person and a blessing to us. It is honestly wonderful to have these 2 children, and things continue to get easier and more fun all the time, now that the "baby" is 2.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fancy Party!

Back a few weeks ago, we got an invitation in the mail to a "Fancy Party"! It was a from a playgroup friend of Ben's. The little guy, L, asked his mom if he could host a fancy party for his friends. He insisted that they go full out...fancy clothes, fancy invites, fancy foods, fancy decorations. Thankfully, his mom is a great sport and she happily obliged.

My kids talked about it for days! They couldn't wait to weat their "Fancy" clothes. The party was a complete success. All of the kids seemed to love every minute of the fancy food, clothes and fun.

Here are some pics from our VERY "Fancy" party!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Time for a Mommy-confession. I have NOTHING good to say about having a preschool-aged child who no longer naps. NOTHING.

The honest truth is that I would love to be blogging more...just one quality post per week. Each week there are thousands of moments that I want to record, and to share with friends and family, espcially those out of town. I would settle, realistically though, for just one quick snapshot each week. But the only time that I used to have for blogging was when both children were napping...which hasn't happened since JUNE.

Ben stopped napping at 3-and-a-half, and since that time, days have been a struggle of balancing an endless stream of needs, some mine, most other people's. There is no quiet moment in which to catch one's breath, fold one's laundry uninterrupted, or write cute and witty stories about one's children.

With all the other big schedule transitions, from cat-napping to regular baby napping, from 2 a day to 1, etc., there was always a bright side to the change. A trade off that seemed to make it equitable enough.

But this time...nope...its all bad. Nature is just 100% mean with this one.

These days, (since this is a confession) I let Ben watch a show just about 100% of tiem time. It's too cold to go out, we don't have a good yard for playing out anyway, and I am usually completely exhausted for about 20-30 min. So I put something on, and watch/zone-out/doze on the couch with him as my "down time" each day. But this isn't very refreshing anyway because I still dislike using tv much at all, so I never really feel great about doing it this way, and Thomas the Tank Engine is blaring in my ears. Darn that Thomas and his cheeky self!

So, in short, I am having a pity party for myself because I am bummed that I have had so many wonderful stories to share lately, and have done so little sharing.

Here's hoping I find the time somehow!!