Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Time for a Mommy-confession. I have NOTHING good to say about having a preschool-aged child who no longer naps. NOTHING.

The honest truth is that I would love to be blogging more...just one quality post per week. Each week there are thousands of moments that I want to record, and to share with friends and family, espcially those out of town. I would settle, realistically though, for just one quick snapshot each week. But the only time that I used to have for blogging was when both children were napping...which hasn't happened since JUNE.

Ben stopped napping at 3-and-a-half, and since that time, days have been a struggle of balancing an endless stream of needs, some mine, most other people's. There is no quiet moment in which to catch one's breath, fold one's laundry uninterrupted, or write cute and witty stories about one's children.

With all the other big schedule transitions, from cat-napping to regular baby napping, from 2 a day to 1, etc., there was always a bright side to the change. A trade off that seemed to make it equitable enough.

But this time...nope...its all bad. Nature is just 100% mean with this one.

These days, (since this is a confession) I let Ben watch a show just about 100% of tiem time. It's too cold to go out, we don't have a good yard for playing out anyway, and I am usually completely exhausted for about 20-30 min. So I put something on, and watch/zone-out/doze on the couch with him as my "down time" each day. But this isn't very refreshing anyway because I still dislike using tv much at all, so I never really feel great about doing it this way, and Thomas the Tank Engine is blaring in my ears. Darn that Thomas and his cheeky self!

So, in short, I am having a pity party for myself because I am bummed that I have had so many wonderful stories to share lately, and have done so little sharing.

Here's hoping I find the time somehow!!

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Momma Maria said...

I hear ya girl! I don't know what I'll do when Anna drops hers, especially since a younger sibling is farther off... it could get sticky!