Thursday, March 11, 2010

And I quote...Ben

Here are some of my favorite Ben quotes from the past few months:

-"Whole wide world" is coming out "Whole white world"

-"classmates" is "classNates"

-He knows a bit about my work...he knows that I give "therapy" to kids, but he doesn't really know what it means. Last week, he told me this story about his own pretend therapy session: "Mom, Jayden, from my therapy session put his mouth on the model train! The electricity shot him and then he threw up!"
Sounds like a pretty rough speech-langague therapy session if you ask me:)

-I am delighted to share this story...he recently found a toy water gun, and pretended to shoot me. However, I have apparently so protected him from any type of violent tv or cartoons that he doesn't seem to actually know what sound a gun makes! Instead of shouting something like "pow" or "bam" as he shot the gun at me, he instead shouted "gun shoot...gun shoot...gun shoot" :)

-And finally, my new favorite. I got this request last week:
"Mom, when I sit on the couch and eat a snack and watch tv, it makes me think of Jesus. So could, I please sit on the couch with a cookie and watch a show?"
LOL! Who knew...being a couch potato is actually just another way to know Jesus! Woohoo!! Time for me to go to my new church!

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Momma Maria said...

Poor Jayden. Sounds like he had a rough day! Love, ReRe