Thursday, March 11, 2010

And I quote...Molly

Molly's language has been exploding lately. We still get a few two-word sentences here and there, but generally, we are somewhere in the 5-word range, I think.

Here are some fun recent examples: (though as I type these, I realize this list is already dated! These were from Jan, and she is already talking so much more than this!)

-When playing trains with Ben, she insisted, "I can do it Ben!!" wanting to run the electric train without help. Then, when he took a turn, she instructed "Do faster Ben!" Apparently he wasn't feeling the need for speed as much as she was:)

-I heard her telling him to "scoot over!!" yesterday.

-In the morning, she will often sweetly ask, "Jammies off please" when she wants help. But lately that has been replaced with "Jammies off. Do it by self!" Then, when she's ready to take off the pull-up diaper that she slept in, "Bye bye yucky diaper!".

-In fact, she has been wanting to do lots of things independently lately. And when she wants to let me know that she doesn't need help, she will insist "Me by self!" or "I by self!!". And on a side note, she has been doing great with pulling her own pants and undies on and off, mostly independently. And she is great with socks and shoes.

-When she says upside-down, it comes out like "up-uh-side-down."

-When she says lay down, it comes out like "lown down".

-She loves to hide and help us guess where she is by asking "Where Molly go? Under blanket!"

-She likes to try to sing the Bob the Builder theme song, but it comes out like this: Boh du builder...wees can do it!! Boh du builder...wees can do it!".

I will try to get a better, more current list soon.


Momma Maria said...

Can wees do it, yes wees can! I love you Molly!

Tim said...

Awww, these are sweet stories! Happy belated b-day, Molly; miss u guys!