Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Catch the Rosie Stick...

Gotta love kids in matching froggy boots!

So, I just had to take a moment to write about a game that my kids have been playing. It all started with a sucker, or rather, the stick that was left over once a sucker had been completely sucked.

The kids finished some suckers a few weeks ago, and out of the blue, Ben asked Molly, "Hey Molly, do you want to play 'Catch the Rosie Stick'?"

Because she is two, and pretty much likes any game that involved playing with Ben, she replied with an enthusiastic "Yes!".

Ben then threw the stick across the living room floor, and instructed her to hurry and go catch it. She happily took off, running for the stick, and grabbed it and brought it back to Ben. Both kids were laughing hysterically the whole time. Once she returned it to him, he threw it again, and yelled for her to "catch the rosie stick" again. This went on for almost 10 min.

And this game has STUCK! They both seem to love it, and they play it every time they find themselves with a random stick. After finishing a sucker...after finding a nice-sized twig on a walk...after being given a tongue depressor at the doctor's office...you name it!

And yes, I totally get that, essentially, my 4-yr-old is playing "fetch" with my 2-yr-old, as if she were his little puppy. But they love it, and really, aren't 2-yr-olds a little like puppies from time to time?


Momma Maria said...

I'd pretty much fetch whatever Ben wanted till I died of exhaustion!

Gretchen said...

Ya, so, I guess I was playing "catch the rosie stick" with Ben on the way home from Davenport the last time, but I didn't know it had a name. And I wasn't nearly as excited to fetch the sticky sucker stick off of the rest area floor in front of the vending machine guy as Molly was in the living room. I'm glad Ben found a good partner for his game!