Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Monkey Joe's

You know how there are some kids who LOVE to try new things? You've seen them...the kids, who at 1-yr-old are charging up the "big kids" section of the playground and zooming downt the slides like they are Olympic lugers. The kids who, when they sense that a bounce house is within 2 miles, start laughing from pure joy and excitement at the jumping that is coming their way. You know these kids?

These are NOT my kids. My kids are the ones who, upon walking into the entry way of a bouce house place such as "Monkey Joes", start covering their ears and ask to be taken home. The kids who insist they would rather go home and eat brussel sprouts than put one foot into one of the big, loud, boucy contraptions.

Well, we have finally had a break through!!! Recently, it was one of those cold, windy, grey of those days when you just HAVE to get matter where you go or what you do, you just can't be in the house for one more minute. So I decided to give Monkey Joe's one more try. We have been before, and it just never went well. But, honestly, what kid never learns to enjoy a bouce house? So I just periodically take them again, and give it another try.

For whatever reason, we finally crossed the terror-line, and both kids had a WONDERFUL time! I only had to get in and bounce with them a couple of times, and they really enjoyed bouncing by themselves, and playing with each other. Yea!!

Now, I will admit that we spent all our time in the 3-and-under section, though Ben is already 4. But still, we did it! We went and we actually had a good time!! Here's hoping for many more!!


Kagalicious said...

Hooray Ben and Molly!

Momma Maria said...

Hooray for my little monkeys!!! Could Molly be any prettier???