Sunday, August 10, 2008

She's growing up!!!

Molly has a tooth!!

I can't believe it! Even though Ben got his first tooth at this exact same time (5.5 mos), it seemed so perfect with him, but with Molly, it seems like she shouldn't be getting teeth already! But, today (Aug 10th) the first one appeared! It's the bottom right front tooth (same one for Ben). And the other bottom tooth isn't too far behind!

And, after my last post, when I talked all about how Molly was still so sweet and little, all of the sudden this week she seems like she is growing up so much...
-She is sitting up with just some occasional help with balance.
-She has finally decided that she likes the stander/exercauser, and likes to play in it.
-She takes a bath sitting up in the bath ring now. In fact, she and Ben have shared all of the last several baths together!
-Though she still LOVES me, she finally likes Aaron, too. When he walks in the room, she gets really excited!
-She has started babbling! Lots of "buh, buh, buh's" and raspberries. Still some screeching and yelling, but she is definitely aware of her lips now and likes to use them!

*I think part of the reason that I think of Molly being so little is that her adorable cousin Anna is just 3 mos older than her. But those 3 mos make a huge difference at this age. And every time I see Anna, I marvel at how accomplished she is, and how much she can do, and then I scoop Molly up in my arms and make sure to enjoy her still being little. But really, she is getting to the end of the tiny baby stage, and is really starting to grow on her way toward becoming a toddler! (Thankfully I still have LOTS of time!)

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Momma Maria said...

Hooray! I'm so glad she finally likes Aaron! I like him too! I'd clap when he came it as well!