Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Bunnies!

Molly's first real winter snow!! She absolutely loved every minute of it!! Though I think she thought we went a little overboard with the warm clothes...but, hey, what kind of mama would I be if I didn't err on the side of caution?!!

Daddy decreed that we all needed to get out of the house this evening to avoid cabin fever, so the 4 of us took a beautiful walk in the snow. Ben hiked like a pro, and this was even after 40 min. of shoveling this afternoon with the "Ben-sized" snow shovel that he got for his birthday! (Thanks Aunt Maria and Uncle Curt!)

Molly rode in the sled, and giggled with glee the entire time. She laughed hardest when Daddy would run fast or go over hills. You should have heard the giggles when Daddy threw her in the air...little thrill-seeker! She kept reaching her little mitten hands over the side and forward, trying to get a hold of as much snow as she could. Ben even helped pull the sled for half a block.

Great night!


Francie said...

Ahh - now that is how I imagined playing in the snow should be! Unfortunately my experience with Owen today ended after about 5 minutes of fun followed by a major tantrum b/c he couldn't pedal his tricycle in the snow! I took him in so he would calm down and he didn't ever want to go back out. Glad you guys got to enjoy it! There is always tomorrow for us!

Kagalicious said...

Molly looks like Cindy Lou Who! :o)