Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yeeee Haaawwww!

For those who don't know, Aaron and I both come from long lines of farmers. We each have only one or two relatives left who actually still live on or work on farms, but we both spent time on farms as kids, and have lots of family members who ride horses and know their way around farm animals.

Well, living in the city as we do, you can imagine how removed from true farm life our kids are. This is something that we can't do a whole lot about, but we do enjoy opportunities that can remind our kids of their roots when we are able.

Recently, a good friend had a birthday party for her daughter on a family farm. Ben and Molly were invited to attend, and got their first chances to ride horses.

Aaron jumped right on up on the horse, looking quite a bit like his Grandpa Schiltz, and Ben (to my surprise, honestly) jumped right on too! They had a great ride, and both seem to be naturals, though Aaron had plenty of previous experience.

Molly, surprisingly, took quite a bit of convincing, but she did finally agree to give it a try. She enjoyed it somewhat, but let's just say that it wasn't love at first ride! Oh, and the bandana was supposed to be for a "cowboy/cowgirl" theme to the party, but as you can see, Molly chose to wear it more as a "pirate wench" costume.


Tim said...

That is such a sweet angel girl! By the way, I appreciated your reaction to our move...I had wanted to send you all a personal message before she posted our news, but she posted it before I had the chance! I will send yall a message soon!

Sara Wallace said...

I started writing stories about Brooks b/c I love reading about Ben & Molly. They are so funny... sometimes I laugh out loud at work.