Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Up in the Sky SO High!

So, pretty much as soon as each of the kids grew out of infancy, Aaron started playing a special game with them. He will throw them straight up in the air, as high as he possibly can and then catch them...and they LOVE it.

Sometime before he was two, Ben named it: "Up in the sky so high". As in, "Daddy, throw me up in the sky so high." And now, both kids love every chance they get to be tossed.

Here are a few recent pics of them soaring.

Little Miss Moose Mouse soaring with the greatest of ease. She really loves it and will throw her body around while she is up there flying. A future in gymnastics, maybe?

Ben has been flying since before his first birthday. He's gotten bigger over the years, but Aaron still seems to be able to launch him pretty well!

And finally, with a little help from a good friend, Aaron got to fly "up in the sky so high" for once, too:) Don't worry, his hands eventually returned to normal.