Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Possible calling for Mister B?

First, let me say, I hope you enjoy the new layout. I know that I have had the UGLIEST blog ever since I started it, but I just didn't choose to spend the time to go seek out new, free designs. Finally though, as other friends blogs have gotten prettier and prettier, I just decided that I should at least see if Blogger had anything else to offer that would take no more than 1 min of my time to apply. Well, here it is! Enjoy:)

As for this post, B might just have found another passion. That brings the count to 3...trains, cooking, and now: photography!

This kid LOVES to take pictures. Sometimes the pictures are awesome, and sometimes they are exactly what you might expect a 5-yr-old to take.

When he really tries, they can be quite good. *See the star ornament pic below.

But he also gets a lot of joy from just snapping random digital shots at random angles, and then laughing at the unexpected and strange results when we go back through the pics. *See the final pic attached:)

The part I enjoy the most is seeing the world from his perspective. He's just a few feet tall, and his perspective and my perspective are very different. I love seeing pics he takes of M. To me, she is so tiny, but she's only a bit smaller than him, so it's fun to see pictures taken at her height. She also thinks it is really funny when he snaps shots of her, so she is often laughing or smiling really genuinely, and those pictures are always priceless. *See the spoon/smile masterpiece below.

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