Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ice Skating

One more post left over from winter...we finally took our kiddos ice skating this year. We have been meaning to try it for years. But we just kept pushing it back for no good reason. Well, one weekend while Nana and Papa were down visiting, we just decided to go for it. The kids were not excited about the prospect at first. Both insisted that they didn't want to try and didn't want to learn EVER! We promptly ignored them, and they were honestly pretty interested by the time we got to the ice skating rink in Forest Park.

Here they are with Papa once they had gotten their skates on. Both kids were really excited about balancing on the ice skates right away! They, of course, had NO CLUE that balancing on a thick, rubber mat was 10 Xs easier than balancing on ice.

Miss M showing her balancing skills.
And Mr B showing his awesome balance!
Drumroll please...first step onto the ice!
Same for Mr. B...he's on the ice, smiling, thinking maybe this might be ok after all!
After the first few moments, their excitment about being there and mastering balancing on the rubber mats was tempered by the realization that ice skating isn't quite as easy as it looks on t.v.!

Both kids were pretty good sports, though. They went around quite a few times, either holding on to me, Aaron, Papa, or the fence...or some combination of 2 of these items/people.

The fence got a lot of love that day!

In the end, a pretty good time was had by all. I won't go so far as to call it a "favorite" activity, but there was fun to be had, and I think next year we can build on it and give it a go a little earlier in the season, and a little more often. If we are going to keep dragging these kids to Davenport several times each winter of their lives, the least we can do is equip them with some respectable ice skating skills!

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Momma Maria said...

Hooray! All 3 (4) kiddos can go next year!