Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Big Day:)

Today we achieved a great milestone! Sure, it is one that, down the road, will fade from the list of important achievements. However, today it is a big step for a 5-yr-old and for our family.

B graduated preschool! :) We knew he could do it!

And honestly, of course we knew he could do it, but I am still going to take a moment to bask in hitting this milestone. As a speech-therapist, I have worked throughout my career with a huge number of kids who struggle every day with mastering even the most basic of preschool concepts, and it is such a blessing for us in this family that preschool was not a struggle, but a wonderful opportunity that we could financially afford to provide, and B could benefit from and enjoy!

Two years ago, he was an anxious, shy 3-yr-old. Today, he was a beaming, happy almost-Kindergartener.

His teachers, Ms Linda and Ms Amy are excellent at what they do, and really helped him to come out of his shyness and to learn how to engage other kids and make his way socially.

This preschool class was a great group of kids, and we are so excited that a couple of his good friends are going to be going to Kindergarten with him.

It was a special treat that Aunt Riri, and cousins A and E could be with us today!

We are so proud of the little graduate. Seeing the progress he has made over the last 2 years has been wonderful. He has been able to try out a little bit of the world outside this home in a safe, supportive environment. And he is totally ready for Kindergarten, as far as skills go.

Congratulations, B!

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