Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yes...I'm still alive...

So sorry for the terribly long haitus. It turns out that I am not good at finding time to blog with a newborn in the house. Who would have guessed? ;)

I am still going to post the rest of the birth story at some point, but I figured I should get back in the habit of posting about our daily lives before I loose the skill completely.

Just a couple of thoughts:
-Ben is a GREAT singer! I just got the best video of him singing, "Blackbird singing in the dead of night". Aunt Gretchen taught him this song, and he knows the whole chorus. It's hysterical to hear a 2-year-old singing: Blackbird singing in the dead of night...take these broken wings and learn to fly...all your life, you've been waiting for this moment to arrive. (Or something like that, he knows all the words, but I don't!)
-Molly is starting to feel more like a baby every day. For a while there, she just felt like a warm, peaceful little extension of me. But as each week passes, I can feel her separating her identity from mine bit by bit. Case in point...she is sleeping in her bed in the other room, rather than in my arms! Good girl!
-I am so proud of Aaron. He has been having a hard time feeling bonded to Molly. But instead of just letting himself stay frustrated, he has focused his energy on taking any possible opportunity to hold her and have fun times with her. And, though it has only been a few days, she is already responding to him so well, and has been giving him the most wonderful smiles!

One last thought: though there have been some hard times these past 3 months, I would say that our lives are actually going VERY well right now, and it is such a blessing to just feel happy. Nothing is perfect, but we are all happy, and we are all in love with each other...does life get any better than this?!!
Oh, and also, Ben pooped on the potty today!!! That's partly why I am so happy...I just had to help him with one clean up wipe, rather than scrape poop that has been smushed to the fullest capacity of a diaper off the butt of a toddler!! It's a great day!!

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ben schiltz said...

that is soooo cool you named him Ben.. my name is also Benjamin Schiltz in Welland Ontario Canada. Anyways, just thought I would comment that, pretty cool!

cute kids too.. your a lucky mom.

take it easy.