Sunday, July 20, 2008


Here are a few of the word mix-ups that Ben has been using lately:

-"overfloating" for overflowing (This is in regards to a toilet story that I will post later;)
-"supartment" for apartment
-"Miss Watermelon" for one of Molly's nicknames: Miss Molly Lou Melon
-"yogret" for yogurt
-"Gerger King" for Burger King (He's never eaten there, this is also related to the toilet story that I will post later)
-"cinnamon" for the word simmons in a song we sing: "Shake Those Simmons Down"
-"Old Dan Tackle" for the song "Old Dan Tucker"
-"privaty" for privacy
-"wind-shipers" for "wind shield wipers

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