Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lessons That Can Come Back to Bite You!

Anyone who knows Ben knows that he is a smart little guy. He learns things SO quickly. Which, typically, is a huge blessing to me and is something that I love. However, I have learned that a few lessons can come back to bite...

Lesson # 1: It is not good to litter.
Ooops: Now, every time that we go on a walk, which is every day at least once, Ben is obsessed with seeing trash and wanting to pick it up. He will yell, "Oh, Mama, there is some trash over there...somebody must have forgotten to throw it away! Let's go get it and help them throw it away!" Its not like I don't want him to be a good steward of the earth, its just that I am getting tired of having him filthy from other people's trash. Then I have to spend the rest of the walk trying to find a trash can, and trying to make sure that he keeps his hands out of his mouth!!

Lesson # 2: Nature is fascinating.
Ooops: Sure, a pretty flower or tall tree here or there are wonderful to look at, but a dead bird with gnats crawling in its eye sockets...not so great. Revolting, in fact. However, I have spent so much time encouraging Ben to stop and take time to check out the world outside that he was ENTHRALLED with the dead bird. "Is that bird sleeping, Mom?" Ben asked. "Yep, buddy, it sure is. Look at the nice bugs who are visiting him, that's so nice!" I replied.

Lesson # 3: It is good to poop in the toilet.
Ooops: Now, every time that Ben poops on the toilet, which occurs at least once every day, he is so proud that he insists on showing it to everyone in the house. I can not tell you how many times I have looked at poop in the toilet that was not my own in the past 3 weeks. And, though I am proud of him for being so excellent at using the toilet, I have definitely had my fill of the post-poop "show and tell!" Oh, and its not just me, anyone else at the house during a trip to the bathroom is also invited to the "show and tell". What fun!!


Jesstern said...

Too funny, Em. I love your response to the dead bird. :) Kids are hilarious!

Momma Maria said...

Look at YOU, super blogger! I had no idea I was so far behind reading your blog. Wonderful entries!!!

Ben is so smart and so cute!
Aunt ReRe