Monday, March 9, 2009

"Lights, Camera, Action!"

Ben has been practicing for a future career lately...I think he wants to be a director! Or maybe a screen-play writer. Here's why:

When we are playing, he has become much more sophisticated in his communication and discussion. But one by-product of his new development is that he now wants to be in charge of BOTH sides of the conversation. He will bring up an interesting point, and then tell you exactly how to respond.

It goes something like this:

Ben: "Here is the fire truck. The good guys just washed it and it is ready to go to work! You say, 'Ooo, it DOES look clean and shiny!'"

Mommy: "Oooo, it DOES look clean and shiny!"

Ben: The fire fighters are on board and they are ready to go. You say, 'Hold on tight, fire fighters!'"

Mommy: "Hold on tight, fire fighters!"

Ben: "Okay, there they go! Great job fire fighters!"

I can vary from the script a little bit...add some emotion here...a little emphasis there...but generally I am expected to respond pretty quickly and accurately. It was charming at first, but I will admit that it's starting to wear on me a little bit. Sometimes, he just does it to help me play along with how he is imagining things, but other times, it seems like a ploy to keep me fully focused on him, and not talking to anyone else. He is generally very patient with me when I am on the phone, or talking to Aaron or Molly, so really I should be thankful that he has such a constructive way to ask for some of my focused attention. But I tell you, I really just want to direct my own play every once in a while! :)

Maybe he will also be a are a few pics that he took recently!

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