Wednesday, March 18, 2009

These boot were made for walking...

So, just a quick update to report that: Molly CAN walk, she just chooses not to let go of my hand most of the time:)

She is so sweet, and I know that this time is passing so quickly, that I really don't mind at all that she isn't ready to let go most of the time.

But it is so funny to me the times that she will just randomly let go and take a good 25 steps without a second thought. She does it all the time in the backyard, which is even funnier to me because it is so uneven and treacherous out there. But when we are in nice, open spaces, she still waits for me to come up to her and hold her hand. And I gladly do! Once or twice a day I wish she would just go for it, but the vast majority of the time, I am embracing and enjoying these last few days when her experience of the world is directly tied to me being right with her still.

In no time at all, she will be off! My big, little girl!!

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