Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Today Ben was having his quiet time in his room. (We make him rest/play in there for an hour each day in place of his old nap time.) Well, at some point, he got a little creative and found a floor board with a few splinters in it. Instead of just leaving it alone as his parents would have wished, he decided he should pull up the loose pieces of wood.

So when Aaron when in after the rest was over and discovered that the wood had been "improved" by the 3-yr-old, Aaron sternly told Ben that he couldn't do that again, and that it was damaging to the floor. Ben looked up with a 1/2 defiant, 1/2 apologetic look. So Aaron added, "Now you owe me $1,000 dollars."

Ben stood quietly for a few moments before sweetly asking, "What's $1,000 dollars Daddy?" while eying the $1.75 in coins sitting on his dresser.

I somehow don't think we are ever going to get our money. :)

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Momma Maria said...

Anna is SOOOO into picking on things right now, too! Sweet little Ben. If he could, he'd pay you every penny!