Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No joke!

No April Fool's jokes here, just a couple of quick notes:

1. Thanks to everyone who helped me try to get the wedding picture turned...but particularly to our good friend Steve, who finally just turned it for me himself and emailed it to me again. Seriously, when did I get so bad at this stuff?? It's practically a miracle that I can actually figure out how to blog. Thanks again, Steve!!

2. Molly is walking! Not "oh, I can toddle a few steps if you are near" walking...but "get out of my way and stop trying to hold my hand, Mom!!" walking. She has got it now, and is good to go. But thankfully, she will still let me hold her often when she, Ben, and I are outside playing or on a walk, so I still get sweet cuddles. She loves to walk, but isn't quite as insistent about it ALL THE TIME like Ben was. He wouldn't let me hold him again for months after he really got it, so I love that she still will.

3. Ben is officially dropping his nap:( I won't lie...this is a dark day for me. I still have him take a "rest", which we BOTH need, but he doesn't fall asleep. He just rests in the bed for a while, and then plays quietly in the room for a little bit more. He is not 100% done with napping. If I tell him that he needs to sleep and leave him toy-free, he will still fall asleep, but then he will be up at night to 10 ish, which is WAY TOO late and annoying! He is actually asleep right now(hence the free time to blog for the first time in 2 weeks), but Aaron and I have a choir rehearsal tonight, so I knew he would be up late and would need sleep in the day to make it to bed time. But most days now he does not nap. The only bright side is that he goes to bed without a peep at 7:45 ish on non-nap days, and sleeps like an angel till morning. At least there is a silver lining to the dark cloud!

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Francie said...

Oh boy - I sure hope Owen hangs on to his nap at least through this new baby's infancy stage! So far he's showing no signs of dropping it, so fingers crossed!!