Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sorry I've been gone!!

Things have been busy in the evenings lately, and now that Ben doesn't nap, blogging the daytime is almost impossible:(

Quick notes: the kids are both doing really well these days.

Molly is getting cuter and sweeter every day. She is giving us lots of "kissies" and "huggies" every day, and is learning more words and signs all the time! New words include: bath, down, that, eat, Bzzzzzz (for bee) just to name a few! One cute, little development: she is still seriously in love with me, so Aaron has to work sometimes to get snuggles from her if I am around. So lately, when she reaches for me, Aaron has taken to asking for a "kissie" from her first, before handing her off. Well we realized recently that she now thinks she HAS to kiss Daddy before she can get down anytime. So anytime he is holding her and she wants to get down, she will say "dow" and then lean in for a kiss:) Daddy happily obliges!

She "graduated" to a "big girl" car seat today. We have still had her in the pumpkin seat this whole time because she was never at the 22-pound weight limit. Now that she's 14-mos-old, I'm still not sure if she is a full 22, (she's somewhere close to that, I'm sure), but her feet were touching the back of the car by quite a bit and she has been having to cross her legs lately to have enough room, so we decided to turn her around and put her in the forward-facing car seat. Boy, did she look SO tiny in that thing tonight! She seemed to really enjoy it, though. She and I rode in the car tonight together as we went to choir, so she hasn't gotten to ride in it with Ben yet. I think she will be excited tomorrow to sit by him, facing the same way as big brother.

Ben is getting more creative and adorable every day, too! His imagination has really been growing lately.

He has been really interested in a couple of things lately:
1. Spiderman. He doesn't really know who Spiderman is or anything about him, but he has seen action figures from time to time, so that has sparked his interest. He is really preoccupied with wondering if Spiderman is a "good guy" or a "bad guy". I keep trying to explain that Spiderman is a pretend good guy, but Ben isn't sure he should buy the story yet:)
2. He has continued to develop his imagination, especially in regards to trains and rockets. He found one of Aaron's golf tees today, and turned it upside-down and pretended that it was a rocket blasting off into the sky all evening. And he really thought it through well...he explained several times in detail how far the rocket could reach based on how much fuel it had on board:) And tonight, he spent the evening playing with our neighbor Jenny who babysits him while we go to choir practice, and when I got back this evening, the 2 of them were in the Thomas the Train tent, both wearing engineer hats, and Ben was spinning some elaborate tale about where the train was heading and what each of their specific jobs were involving the workings of the train.
3. He has decided, for sure, that he wants to drive and work on trains when he grows up. Today, however, we had the car washed, and on the way home (after a VERY exciting/terrifying time watching the whole thing from the big windows in the car wash place) he thought that maybe he would like to be a car washer some day, and run the vacuum and be the one who turned the big spinning cloths/sponges. But after he thought about it for a while, he decided that he would return to his original plan of becoming a train engineer. I suggested that maybe he could get a part-time job in high school at the car wash, and then when he graduated college, he could then devote his full time to driving trains:)

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They are the most adorable, awesomest, EVER!!!!!