Monday, June 8, 2009

The Second Boss

Ben has been in a wonderful stage again lately...really loving to all the rest of the family, and so much more focused in his language and play. He has taken to, from time to time, walking in to the room, clapping his hands together, and announcing, "OK, Family, time for snuggling and tickling!" And just tonight, he snuggled up to Aaron and announced, "Daddy, I call you the 'Tickle Machine!'"

He has also been really interested in loving on and helping Molly. When she goes to bed, he has to give her kisses and hugs goodnight, and often says, "Go to sleep, little sweet pie. I hope you have good dreams!" And when we are out and about somewhere, and she starts walking away too far (which she does OFTEN), he runs to get her and pulls her back by the hand. It's so cute. She totally lets him guide her back to me, as if she was just waiting for him to lead her back.

One by-product of this sweet, little situation, though, is that I think he is starting to think of himself as sort of "in charge" of her, when he wants to be. Recently, he told me matter-of-factly that I was the boss of Molly, and he was the second boss. Hmmmmm....gonna have to keep an eye on this situation!


Momma Maria said...

Curt wanted me to give you a hard time about another little boss of another little sibling from long ago! With an angelic smile, I told him you were NEVER bossy! :-)

Alicia said...

At least you're still recognized as #1! :)