Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Half-Birthday, Molly!

Molly hit the 18-month mark this month. We had a great visit to her pediatrician for a well-child visit, and here are her stats:

Height: 31 inches - which puts her in the 30%tile

Weight: 22.6 pounds - which also puts her in the 30%tile

She looks great, according to the doc, which we of course already knew:) Hopefully we won't have any reason to see him again until her birthday. The kind doctor commented on her sweet curls, which makes him just like almost everyone we talk to when we are out and about. I've got to say (with obvious modesty:), I'm not a particularly vain person. I've got my sins, but vanity isn't the worst. And I am also not a vain mama, too much;). But this girl's soft, flowing curls are just lovely. We get so many comments from strangers about her cuteness/sweetness/prettiness and her beautiful hair. I don't ever want to cut it!! Gotta love sweet little baby curls!!

And as for Molly being in the 30%tile, it is SUCH a different experience than with her brother. Ben weighed 22 pounds at 9 mos! She is healthy and growing well, so there is no problem with her being on the smaller side, and if I had to bet, she's probably right around where my mom (Granny) was when she was at this age, so Molly does have the genes for it. But it is sometimes hard for me to remember that she isn't a baby, though she can feel like one in my arms.

Aaron and I have admitted that we are in some ways the classical parents...we expected SO much more of Ben at this age. He was so much bigger and had such a huge vocabulary that we always treated him as a bit older than he really was. With Molly being so sweet and little, its hard for us to stay on top of her and not let her get away with things just because she's cute.

In fact, we have recently begun really stepping up our consistency, because she has finally really started to test us and test the rules.

But in our defense, she really has been so mild and pleasant for these past 18 months that there was no need for us to enforce the rules...she never tried ANYTHING. I still remember the first time I ever told her no (around 11 mos) and she burst into tears. She just generally goes with the flow and has a great time!

I need to post pics and stories from our trip to the Rocky Mountains soon, but I will just say quickly that, despite being the youngest kid on the trip, she did, by far, the best all week. That's Little Miss Moose Mouse for you!

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Momma Maria said...

Miss Moose Mouse truly DID win the pleasant kid award on the trip! Shocking, huh? So pleasant.