Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Random Thoughts


Molly is still my BFF. She loves me with all her little heart:) And I love just about every minute of it...really I do. But occasionally, her totally dedication to loving me can be a little much at times. Even Ben has noticed, and he tries to help her "share" me from time to time.

Like today, Aaron and I were standing in the kitchen right before dinner. We were chatting and laughing about something and we gave each other a quick hug. Well, Miss Moose Mouse immediately noticed and, as she often does when Aaron and I snuggle, she tried to squirm in between us so that she could be hugging me instead of Aaron. Ben saw this and piped up, "Molly, they are married...they HAVE to hug."
Thanks for clearing it all up, Ben!!

And on vacation last week, we came up with a new nickname for Molly. First of all, I should say that she did an amazing job on our trip! She was a great traveler and really enjoyed the hiking. But, with so much going on, she did get a little clingy from time to time, of course wanting only me. It started to feel like she might as well have been something I was wearing rather than a separate person from me, and now that she is so fidgety, she sometimes felt more like an animal than a person. So, her new nickname is...MONKEY VEST! And it fits, really. Holding her felt more like I was wearing a monkey vest most of the time:)

Ben also traveled really well. I will try to figure out how to post a picture slide show, but of all the pics that I would love to share, my most favorite is the one Aaron took as we were sitting on the Georgetown Loop Railway train, waiting for the train to depart. It is a pic of Ben sitting on his seat, staring ahead toward the engine, and he is wearing a look of pure excitement and happiness. It was such a treat to get to take him on that train ride!

Both kids are generally sleeping well these days. Bedtime is between 7:45 and 8. Molly sleeps until 7ish, and Ben until 7:30ish. Molly also takes one afternoon nap at 1 p.m., for about 1.5 hours to 2 hours.

They both do have certain things that they like to sleep with:
Molly pretty much only needs her pacifiers. She only uses them to sleep, and the pacifiers stay in her bed at all times, so when she gets into bed, she lunges for her little sleep aids:) She has one in her mouth, and at least one in her hand most of the night.
Ben, on the other hand, prefers a greater variety of things for sleeping. Tonight for example, the contents of his bed include: several stuffed animals including a camel, zebra, horse, bear, frog, dog, and chicken; a train that Grandpa bought him from the Georgetown Loop gift shop that he currently can't live without; a water bottle; his pillow; his blanket; and his Batman ring:)
Sweet dreams, little man!

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Momma Maria said...

My little ones! I will let Molly be my Monkey Vest anytime! (yea right, she won't go to me!)

P.S. For the slideshow, we've had good luck with picassa - free to gmail people.