Monday, November 30, 2009


Something happened today that I don't think has happened in 2 years!!

Ben fell asleep in my arms! It was so sweet and out of the blue. He was feeling a little off today, not truly sick, just coming down from a week of fun-at-every-second over the Thanksgiving holiday, and we were snuggling on the couch while Molly was taking her nap.

I could tell he was not his usual self by the way that he let me just hold him in my lap, snuggling together under a blanket on the couch. But he seemed fine, just low key.

Well, one moment I was making up random stories for him per his request, and then all of the sudden he was breathing softly and deeply, asleep in my arms.

I didn't want him to sleep long. It was late in the afternoon, and I knew if he was out for a while that bedtime would be rough for him. But I KNEW what a precious moment it was. So for about 10 min. I just held him and watched him sleep, much the same as I did when he was a newborn...feeling all my mommyhood love for him overwhelm me, as I peered at his little face. Seeing him throughout all the stages of his life so far, and being amazed at how big he has gotten, as well as amazed at how small he still is!

Finally, I gently woke him. We both had a good laugh about him falling alseep out of the blue like that, and went right on talking and playing.

So sweet!! I wonder how many times he will sleep in my arms again? Can't be too many. It's really overwhelming how time flies and children grow!


Momma Maria said...

Awww. Too sweet. I can truly appreciate how lovely those ten minutes were!

Carrie said...

oh emily, that is such a sweet moment! i'm so happy to have checked in on your blog. i'm amazed at the "so big, so little" thing too. time marches on :)