Friday, November 6, 2009

Pop Quiz

Molly's language has EXPLODED lately. I couldn't count all the words she says even if I tried. And she is starting to leave single words behind. She still uses some single words, like the occasionally demanding use of "more!" But she has definitely crossed the threshold of understanding that using more words together gets her point across more clearly, so more often than not she uses 2- or 3-word sentences.

However, she still has the mouth of a 20-month-old, so some of her words are darn near unintelligible!

Here is a little quiz for you. Get out your number 2 pencil, and read the list of words below. Then try to guess what word she is actually meaning/saying. Scroll down for answers.

Good luck!

1. out
2. margok
3. hawk
4. how house
5. bees
6. honey
7. pies you
8. bank
9. keem keem
10. guppy
11. hide
12. bite
13. knees
14. hockey
15. lub uh!

Here is the "Moose-Mouse-Translator-3000"

1. off
2. Martin
3. sock
4. applesauce
5. please
6. sunny
7. surprise you
8. blanket
9. cream cheese (still by far her favorite thing to eat!)
10. Jacob
11. side
12. bright
13. sneeze
14. sockie/socky
15. Love you!

How did you do???


Jesstern said...

I got #5 and #7 right. Didn't do so well, but enjoyed the translations...super cute! When Kennah was very little, she said "fock" for sock. We definitely got some stares on that one. HA!

Momma Maria said...

I got 100% right because I'm the Auntie-Aunt!!! Just kidding. But I kind of felt like I should've.

Gretchen said...

Margok and keem keem are my favorites!