Thursday, October 29, 2009

Preschool Halloween Parade

Ben's preschool had a wonderful Halloween parade this morning. The kids preformed several songs and rhymes for all the watching parents (and one awesome Granny, too!). Then they had a costume parade around the building. It was great, and Ben did an excellent job singing the songs and remembering all the hand motions. He also came home with a massive amount of candy, which he is steadily powering through.

Here are some pics:

Our Fabulous Fireman!
Such a handsome guy! As we were getting ready to leave, he remembered his boots. He insisted that, being a fireman, he must of course wear boots. No matter that the ones we have are green froggy must be worn!
Also notice the backwards hat. He has always worn every fire hat he tries on that way. He usually wears construction hats like that, too. I think it is just more comfortable that way:)

Ben and the rest of his preschool class showing off some great costumes!

The whole class preformed some wonderful Halloween songs and rhymes for the parents.

Very exciting preschool parade! Such excellent marching:)


Gretchen said...

I LOVE the fireman costume! Now I really want to come over tonight. Urg! Maybe we can have a costume parade and dinner sometime next week.

Momma Maria said...

We had so much fun this weekend! Curt and I agreed that it was the most fun weekend we've had so far as a family!