Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bestill my beating "art"!

It has finally happened!!!! The day I have looking forward to for 3-and-a-half years now! Ben drew something!!

He has drawn lots of squiggly lines and such, but never tried to draw an object before. In fact, he is rarely interested in art at all. Its really not a huge deal. He has so many strengths that I never worried about his total lack of interest in drawing. Its more just that it would be so much fun to sit and draw together if we were imagining things and drawing with intent, rather than just scribbling for 3 minutes and then just done.

Plus, I have the artistic skill of a fly, and he has many family members who are quite talented with a paintbrush or pen, so I did hope that he would try to draw just a bit, so that he could see how fun it could be.

Well, here's how it finally happened. We were playing on the sun porch, and he was drawing squiggles on the chalk board. At one point, he said, "I'm going to draw you, Mama!" My heart instantly started racing:)

He drew...a squiggle. So I decided to try to see if I could get him to try a bit more. I asked, "Where are my eyes?" And that was apparently the magic question, because from there, he started drawing a whole host of things.

Here are the pics that I was able to get:

This first one is the picture of me. You can see my eyes, my legs, and the dots on top are my hair. It may not be a DaVinci, but it is definitely not a squiggle!

This one is a pic of Daddy, Mommy, and Ben. We each have a body, legs, hair, and eyes...I think.

After drawing several people, he then decided to branch out and draw fruit. You can see the kiwi (complete with fuzz), a banana, and some delicious-looking blueberries:)

And finally, a pic of the proud artist, showing off the raw materials of his creations!!!

Sadly, there have been no further drawing days. But I think he is just searching for his muse...I just KNOW there is a little artist in there somewhere:)


Francie said...

LOVE it!! What a big step. Owen went crazy with the smiley faces but has yet to "draw" anything else....still just smileys, but I'll take them :) I love the blueberries and the kiwi!

Karen said...

I'm so happy to read this! Luke has never shown an interest in art either but only very recently has started drawing people VERY similarly to Ben's - particularly the legs. Love it!

Momma Maria said...

What a cutie! Good drawings too! He's learned so much in preschool already!