Saturday, October 24, 2009

Miss Moose Mouse - Announcement!

So, I can't believe I'm about to type this, but...Molly is potty-trained!

Seriously...completely potty-trained.

And it was COMPLETELY child-led.

In a million years, I never considered potty training her at 19-months-old. But it just sort of happened.

It all started about 8 weeks ago, when she was just hitting 18-mos-old. She was having a little "naked time" to get some fresh air, and she was sitting on the kitchen floor playing with some bubbles. I had her on the tile because I fully expected that at some point she would potty. But all of the sudden, she stood up and said potty and started to walk to the bathroom. I was deep in the middle of a load of washing dishes, so I was not particularly interested in stopping and taking a tiny toddler to "play" going to the bathroom, but I figured I should let her try since she had asked. Well, sure enough, she went!

I figured it was a fluke and it didn't happen again for a while, so I thought that was the end. But then it happened again the next week, and then again a few days after that, and then again. She kept asking and so I kept taking her. It just sort of progressed from there.

Once she had gone quite a few times, I started to wonder if I should just go with it. I wasn't really sure I should try. Our lives are so busy that I knew there was no way we could stay home for a few days straight to let her practice being in undies all day, but I didn't want her having accidents out and about, because I didn't want to pressure her, and didn't care if she potty-trained at this age anyway. So I was kind of luke warm about it for a week or two.

But I did end up buying her some undies to try at home. And, seriously, they are the tiniest, cutest undies you could imagine!! The smallest they sell are 2T size, but they are just small enough that they will work. Though 18mo size would have been better.

She did great with the undies at home, but we still had so many little places to go each day, such as preschool or Granny's house, that I kept putting her in diapers when we left the house. And then, one day in Target, we were on the very opposite end of the store from the bathroom, and she was in a diaper, but she insisted that she had to go potty. So, while being amused at the whole situation, I hauled Molly and the cart and all of our stuff to the entire opposite end of the Target. I parked the cart and took the 19-month-old into the bathroom, fully assuming that she had gone in the diaper sometime in the 6 minutes that it had taken us to get there and get everything situated.

Well, sure enough, the diaper was dry and she went at Target! And that was pretty much it. From that day on, for the most part, she has stayed dry in her diapers. And this past week, we have made the switch to undies full time, and we have been potty-free all week.

So that is it in a nutshell. And I have to admit, that, other than laughing at the fact that she won't be able to actually get herself up on a toilet for at least a year because she is so tiny, it is WONDERFUL to have a house free of diaper-kids!!


Jesstern said...

Amazing!! My mom said I was trained at 19 months too, so we know it's possible, huh? :) Glad for you! I hope Jadyn decides to do that. Kennnah was right at 2, but Eva was a little booger! HA!

Francie said...

AWESOME!!! Go Molly!!

Katie said...

good work!!! :)

Tim said...

That's crazy! Way to go, Miss Moose Mouse. She is just adorable, can't wait to see you all again!

Momma Maria said...

That's my girl! She has inspired Little Anna Banana, who wore panties ALL morning! Aunt RiRi is proud! (And jealous)