Monday, October 19, 2009

Preschool "Fun Run"

We started off Aaron's birthday (9/26) this year with a bang! We participated in the "St. Stephen's Preschool Fun Run." It started with a 5K race for the adults. Ben and Molly enjoyed a brief ride in the stroller. I say brief only because Aaron was pushing...if it had been me, it would have been a LONG ride:) But we all did the race, so it was a great family event.

The adult's race was followed by a short run for the kids. Ben had seen both of us run before, but had never participated in a kid's run, so he was a little nervous at first and asked Aaron to run with him. Daddy was happy to oblige. Ben did enjoy wearing his (way too big) race shirt, though:)

They started off well, but as they neared the half-way point, Ben started getting a little tired, so Daddy helped him out a bit!

As they neared the finish line, Ben got down and found some extra steam for the home stretch!

Proud runners:

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Momma Maria said...

Another runner in the family! Hooray! Aunt RiRi is so proud!