Friday, October 16, 2009


One day recently after preschool, Ben and I were reading books on the couch while Molly napped, and out of the blue, he asked, "Mom, can we go apple-picking today?"

I thought about the logistics of it all, and was first tempted to say no. He wouldn't have fussed, I'm sure, because it was such an unusual request, and he probably wasn't really expecting me to say yes.

But I thought about it again, and decided to embrace the fact that this is the very precious and very brief time in our lives that we can pick up and go apple-picking on a random Tuesday afternoon if we want.

So I got directions to the nearest Eckert's Farm, and as soon as Molly woke up, we headed out!

The kids had SO MUCH FUN! It was a perfect but not cold or windy. There was almost no one at the farm because it was late on a weekday. We weren't even charged to get in.

We had a wonderful time playing on the tractors, seeing the animals, taking the tractor ride around the farm SEVERAL times, and of course picking apples.

Molly, especially seemed delighted that we could just walk up to the tree, grab an apple and take a bite! Of the pics shown below, none with apples were posed. The kids pretty much had their mouths stuffed with apple the entire time we were in the orchard:)

And to top it off, Nana came in town a couple of days later, and made some DELICIOUS apple muffins with some of the excess apples. Yum!

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Momma Maria said...

There's no way those apples are as sweet as my neicy and nephew! But they DO look good!