Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Halloween 2009

We had a lovely Halloween this year. We stayed close to home, and were joined by cousin Anna, and some dear friends Lauren and Braeden.

Ben spent weeks changing his mind as to what costume he would wear. Initally, he planned on being Bob the Builder, as he had been last year. It would have worked fine because the costume still fit. But then, Aaron's coworker offered up a cool fire fighter costume that Ben liked. He ended up wearing that one to his preschool party, and you can see pics if you check out blogs from November. And, finally, he had a pumpkin sweatsuit that he was also considering.

Well, when we got up that morning, he was leaning toward the fire fighter outfit, but we decided to wear the pumpkin outfit just for the day, since it was something he could wear all day. And, when it came time to trick-or-treat, he just decided that he was happy with what he was wearing, and he would stick with that for the night. I think it helped that he had gotten several compliments on it throughout the day!

Molly wore a lady bug outfit that Granny found for her. She wore it well, and didn't seem bothered by the wings or antennae at all. I was impressed.

And you will be able to see from the pics that Anna was a dragon, Lauren was a cat, and Braeden was a scary Scream guy.

The trick-or-treating went well. Molly said "trick-or-treat" very well, and used her "thank you" very politely, despite spending most of the evening with a look on her face that suggested disbelief that total strangers kept dropping candy into her basket:).

Ben also did a great job, and was really "getting" the whole thing this yaer. He loved watching his basket fill, and, after about 15-20 houses, announced, "Alright, I'm ready to go home now." I told him he could keep going to get more candy, but he insisted that he had what he wanted, and was ready to go home and start eating. Way to know when to stop, buddy!

Here are some pics. Note Molly two-fisting the suckers:)

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Happy Halloween my lovelies!!!