Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Family!

Just wanted to share a few cute pics from late winter of our sweet, happy family!! Things are far from perfect around here, but it really feels lately like we are in a good zone.

The kids are finally sharing a room, which means there are no kids in our room! Woohoo! And they are sleeping well, most of the time:) But I also think they seem to be getting along as siblings better than ever before. They play together for "real" now, so much more often. By "real", I mean that they will construct play plans entirely independently of a parent, and then play whatever they have thought of, for long periods of time.

I do need to give praise to my husband here for a moment too...I think the reason that I am feeling so upbeat about how my children, and our family in general, are doing is because my dear hubby gave me the weekend "off" last weekend! For the first time since Molly's birth, Aaron packed up both kids (and I really do mean pack...he packed everything for their trip!!) and took them to Davenport for the weekend. All 3 of them had a wonderful visit with Nana and Papa. And as for me...I slept.

And a few other things, like painting the garage, scrapbooking, and drinking tasty wine with friends, but mostly, I slept. :)

Other than the sleep, the most glorious thing about a weekend "off" was the silence...LONG stretches of time would pass without me uttering a word. I never cared about such a thing before kids, but this weekend, it was striking how freeing it was to not be needed by anyone for 48 straight hours.

So, now that the family is home, I am finding myself emotionally recharged, rested, in LOVE with my life and family, and wanting to share these cute pics! Enjoy!

And my very favorite...


Tim said...

YOU HAVE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL KIDS!!! These are the cutest pics ever. The one of you three in bed--Molly's face just says it all--she is such a cutie! I love the one of them snuggled up together ready for bed. Miss u guys!

Momma Maria said...

I recognize those cute PJ's in the top pic! I'm glad they wore them!