Monday, May 17, 2010

Interview with Ben

Several of my friends with kids have been doing interview with their kids, with the intention of repeating the interview each year to see how the answers change. I've been meaning to give it a shot with Ben, and we finally got it done! It is a pretty random set of questions, most stolen from other people's lists, and a few of my own thrown in for fun. Here are the answers, from his 4-and-a-half year old self:)

1. What is your favorite color: “Green and blue”
2. What is your favorite book: “Olivia”
3. What is your favorite movie: “Thomas the Tank Engine”
4. What is your favorite food: “Couscous”
5. What is your least favorite food: “Crunchy lettuce and 'sour cream and cheddar' potato chips”
6. What is your favorite fruit: “Apples”
7. What is your favorite vegetable: “Green beans”
8. What is your least favorite vegetable: “Sweet potatoes”
9. What is your favorite t.v. Show: “Mr. Rogers”
10. What is your favorite song: “Thomas the Tank Engine”
11. What is your favorite thing to do with Mom: “Read books”
12. What is your favorite thing to do with Dad: “Watch t.v.” (Can I tell you how much I love 11 and 12?!!!)
13. What is your favorite game to play with friends: “Play Hide-N-Seek”
14. What is your favorite store: “ Target, because they have that train that is spinning” (In the Christmas season, Target always puts a little train set with l.e.d. lights on display, and he loves to just sit and watch it go round and round. I can't explain the Walgreens, though, we never go there!)
15. What is your favorite sport: “Basketball” (also can't explain this one)
16. What is your favorite Bible story: “My little Bible book”
17. What is your favorite place to go: “Davenport”
18. What is your favorite restaurant: “Noodles and Company”
19. What is your favorite toy: “My model trains and wooden trains”
20. What is your favorite thing to do with Molly: “Snuggle”
21. What is your favorite drink: “Juice”
22. What is your favorite thing to do at school: “Eat snack”
23. What is your favorite thing to do outside: “Ride my bike”
24. What do you want to be when you grow up: “A model train driver because I can still switch tracks...because model trains can go on different tracks too!”
25. What can you do now that you are 4: “I can run faster”
26. Who is your best friend: “Nana”
27. What is Mom's job: “Keep me safe, healthy, and growing well and big and strong so that I can be a model train driver good enough to not do things wrong to the trains.”
28. What is Dad's job: “Keep my love tank full and to make me grow strong and healthy and have nutritious food.”
29. What does Mom always say: “I want to snuggle you”
30. What does Dad always say: “I love you”
31. What is your nickname: “Benjamin Garon Schiltz...Gigi calls me that. And I call her “Gigi buh divi”, and I call you “Mommy bah dahmmy”, and I call Molly “Molly buh waddy””
32. What makes you laugh: “When somebody tickles me”
33. What makes you sad: “When I loose something and I can't find it again”
34. What are you thankful for: “That God gives us strength”
35. What does Mom love about you: “That I am special”


Momma Maria said...

I almost melted into a puddle so fast I couldn't type this comment!
I love my Benny-Boo!

Gretchen said...

I know! This is so sweet! I have no idea where he got "Benjamin Garon Schiltz," but that's OK. :) Number 27 and 28 are pretty spectacular - good job Em and Aaron!

Francie said...

He sounds so wise beyond his years! And I know you've always mentioned he was into trains, but there is some solid proof! :) Love it, especially the "keep my love tank full"! So sweet.

Katie said...

great work! might steal a few for next year :)

Aaron said...

I was framed! I demand a recount! We don't even WATCH t.v.!!!

Molly said...

WOW! So, clearly you guys get an A+ in the parenting department. Not only does he experience you doing your "jobs" he's able to articulate them incredibly! Not too shabby for a 4.5 year old...

Molly said...

P.S. I found you :)