Tuesday, March 22, 2011

And I Quote...

Molly has had a few good ones lately:
"cash money-er" - cash register
"Daddy, I bless-you'ed all over my cough-catcher!" - Daddy, I sneezed into my elbow:)
"hula scoop" - hula hoop
"I'm nervous to go to outer space" - after a fun trip to the Science Center.

And for one that requires a quick story, I need to first say that she LOVES junk food. She is a salt girl, for sure. There is a cream cheese/salsa dip that I make for corn chips, and she LOVES it. Usually after I make it, I let her lick the beaters from the mixer. One night recently I was making the dip for a playgroup for the next day, and she came in right after brushing her teeth. She saw me using the hand mixer to make the dip, and saw me finish, and then pop the beaters out of the mixer. I started to drop them into the sink full of dish water, and with TERROR in her eyes, she frantically screeched, "Mommy, WHAT are you going to do with all that stuff on the 'blixters'??!"

Ben has also been cracking us up:
"tefnichal difficulties" - technical difficulties
"Holy infant so tender and WILD" - so tender and MILD :)
"Mom, get that spoon with the hair on it" - referring to the pasta spoon for stirring pasta that is cooking.
"Mom, this is my handsomest shirt!" - after carefully dressing himself for a holiday event.
"I want to be a train driver, but I might be a Mars figure-out engineer when I grow up, too." - after a delightful trip to the Science Center

And my new favorite, fresh from him yesterday. He TOTALLY burned me, and I deserved it!
Here's the story: He has recently begun sleeping in socks every night. The thought of suffocating my feet in socks all night long makes me want to just go ahead and cut my feet off completely, but he loves it, so we are going with it.
Well, I found a clearly clean, but "tried on and rejected for sleep" pair of socks on the living room floor. I questioned him as to the socks on the floor, and he answered, "Too fat and too short. I don't like them."

Being the ever-overly-let's-work-on-a-moral-lesson-here mom that I am, I responded, "You know Ben, some kids don't even have socks. Their parents don't have enough money to spend on socks. They can barely buy food, much less socks. So you really should think about just ignoring socks because their not exactly perfect."

To which he expertly responded, "Ok, fine Mom. Send those socks to those kids. They can have them. I'm sure they would like them."

Um...well-played 5-year-old! I will just go right ahead and put these socks in the give-away pile for you.

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Good ones - all of 'em!! :)