Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sometimes I'm a bad mom!

Seriously...sometimes I'm not the greatest.

In my defence, first of all, often I am AWESOME. Like a rock star, but in elastic-waisted pants and a ponytail.

My kids are smart and creative. They pretend all sorts of fascinating, nuanced play, and I know it is just because my awesomeness has rubbed off on them. And because I try to give them a lot of unstructured play time each day. Some might call it "I'm ignoring you so go play and leave me alone", but those evil people would be wrong. It is really "I am fostering your sense of creativity and your sense of self by not directing all of your time". Yeah, I'm awesome.

But sometimes...well..oops.

For example, just a week or two ago, I was giving my kids "unstructured play time" while I worked on some paperwork for work (honestly!!), and I kept smiling as I overheard them talk. They had created this elaborate play scheme, and were in the process of very diligently hiding their most precious treasures in a treasure chest so that robbers couldn't find them. And they were setting creative traps for those robbers all over the house.

I was very pleased with their creativity and my awesomeness...until, that is, I walked into the kitchen to get a glass of water and I discovered this:

Yep! Their treasure chest was the MICROWAVE!!! They seriously played with the microwave for a solid 10 minutes...rearranging and perfectly stacking their


We have since had a very clear chat about microwave safety. And other, "more suitable" (meaning "less electric") treasure chests have been identified.


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Sara Wallace said...

It's Ok. Brooks has fallen off the bed once and almost did it again this morning. Plus the other day I saw dirt in his mouth (not sure where that came from), but I didn't try to dig it out. It sort of naturally came out of his mouth as he drooled. Ha, ha.

Momma Maria said...

Best post yet! (But seriously - what's WRONG with hiding things in the microwave?)