Friday, April 1, 2011

Ever wonder...

Ever wonder what goes through a 5-yr-old's mind as he angrily sits in a time-out for trying to crash a fort that his mother and sister are sitting in after being repeatedly asked to leave the fort standing? It goes a little something like this:

"I don't love are the worst mommy ever...get me OUT of time out...I'm hungry...I'm thirsty...I'm very bored...Now let me get out...I mean it NOW...get me out...OK?...Molly, don't look at me!...somebody do something to get me out of time out...I will never give you kissies or huggies ever again...I want to build a train track where the fort is and you are NOT letting me...go away...somebody get me out...I don't want to talk...I don't care about time out...GET ME OUT!"

In fact, this is EXACTLY what is going through his mind, because it was also coming out of his mouth, and I wrote it down word-for-word.

Good times:)


Gretchen said...

Hrmm. Little stinker. I have to admit, this part kind of cracks me up: "somebody do something to get me out of time out" ... does he think there are other random people in the house who can get him out of time out? Ah, as you said, good times.

Momma Maria said...

I think he speaks very wisely! Methinks we raised a sage!