Friday, September 12, 2008


Here are a couple of random Ben stories that I have been meaning to record!

*His language is SO strong for his age, but I still love it when he gets something a little mixed up. One of my favorites lately has been an issues with pronouns. Instead of "her/him/me" he tends to use "she/he/I". He will point to Molly and say, "Hey Mama, look at she!" Or "look at I!" Its so cute!

*When I am putting Ben to bed at night (It's ALWAYS me lately because he chooses me every night! I know it will be Aaron again soon, so I am loving it!) we start with saying our prayers. And he isn't quite sure about the whole "talking to someone we can't see" thing, so I just started simple and we start every night by just talking about things for which we are thankful/things that have made us happy. This week, the first the he said when I asked him what had made him happy today was, "YOU!" Talk about melting my heart! He has also recently prayed in thanksgiving for dress-up play clothes, his froggy boots, his trains, all his family, his imaginary friends Monis and Budis, and flowers. Thanks God!

*One night, a few months ago, I put him to bed and turned out the light, and he kind of freaked out a little bit, worried about the bugs flying all around the room. Well, there were no bugs in the room, of course, so I just comforted him, and kind of forgot all about it. Just this week though, he was standing with me as I turned off the lights, and he looked up at me and then waved his had around in the air in front of his face and asked, "Mommy, why are there little black bugs in the air?" It took me a moment, but then I realized that he was noticing that, when you go from light to dark, and your eyes adjust from using mostly cones to using mostly rods, sometimes it can look like there are black dots/spots everywhere until your eyes adjust. I couldn't believe that he has gotten so observant and was able to notice this, and do his best to explain it to me! Fascinating stuff...watching a little person grow!

*He has been really into the idea of family lately. When we are all 4 together on the bed or at the table or something, Ben will point out, "Look, it's the whole family together!" It's really sweet to see him identifying with us as a family, as starting to make more sense of his place in our lives and in the world.

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Momma Maria said...

Awwww. What a cutey patotey! By the way, your counter went over 500! Gotta get my own when I stop being lazy! Tell Benner I'll call him soon!