Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mama...do you got me?

Ben has been so sweet lately!

We have spent A LOT of time together recently. Aaron has been working crazy hours because his hospital is going paperless...all the doctors will be doing their documentation on computer directly, and he has been working 12-hour shifts during this transition. So Aaron hasn't had a day off in 9 days, and is working another 12-hour shift tomorrow. Due to this, Ben and I have had been spending lots of time together, and he has been really sweet with me.

Here is one of my favorite stories.
He has been trying all sorts of new things lately...like going down the BIG twisty slide at the park. He has always been drawn to the slide, but never confident enough to go down. Well, we went to the park with Aaron a few weeks ago, and Ben and Daddy did the big slide together, and that was just the confidence booster that Ben needed. So today he decided that he would try it, but he needed me to go up to the top with him and stand right behind him as he started down. As he sat there, and geared up his courage to head down, he reached back and grabbed my leg and asked, "Do you got me, Mommy?" I said, "Yep, buddy, I'm right here. Go on ahead." He then scooted his little rear end right off the edge and onto that gigantic slide. It was SO precious!!

*He has asked me this for a lot of "brave" moments lately. He doesn't really need me, he just needs to know that I am there. Talk about melting my heart!!


Momma Maria said...

Ben, I got you too, buddy!
Aunt ReRe

Jesstern said...

What a cute story, Em! Love it!