Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pictures from June 2008

I am WAY behind on adding any pictures, so I thought I would just do several different posts over the next few days and try to get some of this summer's pics added. Here are a few from June. There are 2 cute pics of Molly and Daddy together...this was when she was REALLY teething and was working on getting her 2 bottom teeth in. There are a couple of cute pics of Ben in the yard. He never liked slides until this summer. And he has really developed a love of digging in the dirt and exploring outdoors. I love it! It has been a great summer for walking outside and spending time checking out plants, bugs, dirt, walnuts, mud, alleys, cracks on the sidewalks, etc. And the last one is just a cute one of the 2 kids.

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Momma Maria said...

Hey! She's finally wearing an Anna outfit! Hooray!