Monday, October 13, 2008


Molly has been developing so much lately!
Here are a few highlights:

-She is not crawling yet, but she has figured out the idea of "mobility". A couple of days ago, she figured out how to turn herself to the left and right while sitting up. She can spin all the way around now! I left her in the living room with Ben when I was doing dishes the other day, and overheard her making some noises. I came back in, and found her facing the opposite way from how I had left her. At first, I thought Ben had moved her, but then as I sat down next to her, she moved her legs and turned toward me! It's so sweet to see her learning! And now, when she wants me to pick her up, she will launch herself toward me. And when she is sitting and something is out of reach, she has started trying to lean forward and get onto her belly to get it. Though she can't quite do it yet, but I'm sure she's close!

-If she wants to nurse now and I am holding her, she will just start leaning down and to the side until I pick her back up to keep her from falling out of my arms and then sit down and nurse her! So cute.

-She still doesn't LOVE to eat exactly, but I think the problem may be with what I am serving;) Aaron and I decided a long time ago to try to feed the kids all organic/all natural foods until at least their 1st birthdays. So Molly has been mostly getting home-made and store-bought organic purees. Well, we were at a Chili Dinner this weekend, and my dad was with us. He was holding Molly and she was getting a little fussy. He asked if he could give her a saltine cracker to play with. I figured, "Sure, why not? She doesn't eat any of the solids I give her and only seems mildly interested in the purees, there is no way she will eat any of the saltine." Well...she ate 3!!! So this whole time it turns out that she just wanted a good, salty, buttery, bleached-flour cracker!! Who knew!??

-She has started taking some wonderful naps. Not every nap, but, if we have quiet days at home, she will sometimes take naps from 1.5 to 2.5 hours long. It is SO nice! Ben and I can get some great play in, and I can get some work done around her. So great!!

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