Monday, October 20, 2008

Random Thoughts...

Just a few quick stories to share:

-In yet another indication from Molly that she is more than ready to eat, she just doesn't like the home-made organic food that I give her, she got a hold of some "Fruity Cheerios" from a kid at a playgroup last Friday, and gobbled them right up! Oh, what a terrible mama I am...feeding her this terrible organic stuff, where there are glorious foods such as "Fruity Cheerios" out there in the world!!!

-Ben woke up last night after he had been asleep for about 45 min because he had to go to the bathroom. This is really unusual, so Aaron (who went to get him) was, at first, tempted to be frustrated, but quickly changed his mind when, as Aaron picked up the warm, groggy, and cuddly little boy from his bed to take him to the bathroom, Ben said, "I am the snuggliest, sweetest boy in the whole world, aren't I, Dad?" while leaning his head on Aaron's shoulder. ADORABLE!!

-Molly gave Ben some kisses today for the first time! Usually she is trying to lean away from him because he is just a bit too much for her, but today he kissed her and she thought it was so funny. She laughed out loud, and then leaned in to him several times for more kisses. Such a sweet couple of moments!

-Molly learned to scoot backwards when she is sitting up today. She can only do it if she is barefoot and on the hardwood floors of my parents home, but,'s a start toward mobility!!

-Ben has been talking about being "brave" a lot lately. A quick example, when he first started going to the Zoo with Miss Robin (his Monday morning babysitter), he was too scared to go on the carousel. But they went again today, and he told me that he "was very brave and sat on the carousel" all by himself! And when he had to get a bandaid on his finger for a little cut, he told me, "I will be brave, Mama, you can put the bandaid on."

-Molly has starting randomly raising her right hand. I will be holding her and we will be walking into a room, and she will just raise her right hand as if to say, "Into the kitchen, we go!!" She will also do it to people sometimes. Recently, she did it to Uncle Martin, as if to say, "Hey! What's up? How's it hanging? I like you, Uncle Martin! But don't think I want you to hold me...just Mom can hold me...but I did want to give you a quick shout-out and say hi!"

-Ben has also been using some "big" words lately. My favorite is: participate. I said once that I was frustrated because I needed him to participate when I was getting him dressed, and now he loves to use the word, though it sometimes comes out "lissipate". He also tried to say "ridiculous" this week, though it first came out "redicleeous". And "regular" becomes "reg-lee-er".

-Ben has also been exploring the idea of time lately. 2 examples: 1. If there is something I want him to do that he is not interested in, he will look at his pretend watch and say, "Sorry, Mama, I don't have enough time to put on my shoes. Sorry." 2. If we give him a time-out, we will tell him he needs to sit for 2 min. He will often then yell, "NO, not two minutes...three minutes!!" Sure thing, buddy, three minutes is fine with us;)

-Molly isn't saying her first word or anything, but she is starting to cry "mamamama" specifically sometimes when she is upset. I remember Ben doing this at around the same age, and it is just unbelievable to think of my little Molly-Mouse gaining so many skills and moving toward saying her first word!!

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Karen said...

I have only recently learned of this blog and am enjoying it SO much!! It's so fun to see especially what Ben is up to since he and Luke are so close in age and saying/doing much of the same thing. I can barely believe Miss Molly is old enough to wave and say mama and all that already! Time is flying too fast. We miss you guys!
-karen, scott, luke, and levi