Monday, November 8, 2010


We had a pleasant Halloween here this year. Nothing too fancy. To be honest, I think we were all still coming down from the excitement of a wonderful family wedding (Uncle Marty and Aunt Aubrey) the weekend before, so we weren't up for much.

Plus, we just aren't one of those families that "does" Halloween. Great example: when it came to picking costumes, here is what transpired:

Approximately 20 minutes before it was time to trick-or-treat, I dragged our box of dress up clothes out to the living room, dumped them out, and asked the kids to pick what they wanted to be. B deliberated for about 4 minutes, torn between the Thomas outfit he ultimately chose, a Bob the Builder costume he wore 2 years ago and also to his preschool party this week, and the fire fighter costume he wore last year. M deliberated for about 3 seconds and decided to be the "fancy princess", complete with wand and high heels. Costumes for 2010...done!

We headed out with Granny, Grandpa, and cousin Jacob and another friend of Jacob's in tow, made our way up and down the block, and headed home. Trick-or-treating for 2010...done!

The kids dug into their candy, easily finishing off 1/2 that night...eating a lot, and giving a lot to Jacob and his friend in a fantastic spur-of-the-moment game called "throw the chocolate at the 12-yr-olds and watch them fight over it!!". The rest was gone within 2 days, continuing my belief in letting the kids have at it for a few days and then just being done with it all, rather than a 2- or 3-peice at a time sugar drip that lasts for weeks or months. Candy for 2010...done!

All in all it was a great year:) One of these days we will have the kids plan out their costumes and order them in advance, but at 4 and 2, it's nice to still be keeping it simple. Enjoy the pics!

Happy family with our awesome pumpkin carved by Daddy and our decorative squashes grown by Aunt Riri, Uncle Curt, and Cousin Anna!

The lovely "fancy princess" in her heels. She was SO mad when I insisted that she had to put on real shoes for the actual trick-or-treating! She almost decided to not go at all she was so mad! But she brings up a good point...what kind of fancy princess goes out in tennis shoes??!!

A handsome train! To be honest, I was a bit surprised that he never wanted to be Thomas before this year. My mom got him this costume months ago, and I thought for sure he would insist on this one only...rather than deliberate for a whole 4 minutes! But to be honest, he likes Thomas enough...but REAL that is where it is at!

Sweet kids!

Molly loved watching Daddy and helping him work on the pumpkin.

Sweet Daddy and Kids!

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Happy Halloween to the Schiltz clan