Monday, November 1, 2010


Oh blogworld...where to start!?? I have been gone for so long! New fall schedules, many singing gigs, a temporary second part-time-job, and a camera lost for 6 weeks have all conspired to prohibit me from blogging lately. I'm so behind that I'm not sure where to start.

Rather than jump in to the 304,239,301 stories I want to tell, I guess I will start with one new skill that Mister B has picked up.

He's been growing "up" so much lately. Really developing many school and early reading skills. Lots of letter and sound reading, and lots of good emotional growing too. He's gotten his "bravery" up a lot these days...which is what we call any time that he has to do something he is nervous or scared to do. Hopefully I can go in to more stories later, but to start, here is his newest development.

Yep, that's right. When he's hungry, he can feed himself! It's so sweet when he decides that it is time for him to take lunch-matters into his own hands. We will be playing, and he will get hungry. I might offer an apple as a snack, and he will think about it for a moment, then his face will light up and he will announce, "I know! I'll make myself a sandwich!" He'll tromp off to the kitchen and take care of business. So industrious!


Momma Maria said...

That's my BIG BEN!

Molly said...

How cute! Yay for Ben.