Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's the little things...

One of my favorite things about Ben right now is the amount of joy he takes from such relatively little things in life. Here are a few examples:

-After he eats most of a sandwich, we let him open it up and pull it apart to (messily) eat the rest. He LOVES it!
-Today, we were driving home from a friend's house and, per his request, we drove down the ALLEY instead of the street...SO COOL!
-One of his all-time favorite activities right now is to take the cushions off the couch and drive his cars along the bottom of the couch. He can literally play at this for hours!
-Flour...plain, white, baking flour is one of his other favorite things now. We put some flour on a baking sheet, and then drive cars through it and scoop and dump it...so much fun!
-He is seriously in love with washing dishes right now...and oh SO helpful!
-He loves singing songs together in the car when all three of us are driving somewhere together. He likes to decide who sings when...Daddy first, or Mama first, or everyone together.
-He still loves to snuggle every day!
-He loves it when he pretends to be either a kitten or a baby and I play along really convincingly.
-He loves to answer my questions with a fake word, or take a word like "play" but say it in a silly way like "plee!".
-He loves any food that can be dipped. For example, he didn't want his turkey for lunch yesterday, but when I let him dip it into his orange juice, he then ate a ton of it!!
-He loves to talk about foods that he "doesn't" like, and then he will try it, and go on and on with me, back and forth, about how we are both so surprised that now he "does" like it! (Especially cottage cheese!)

He's pretty much just tons of fun these days!


Momma Maria said...

Oh how I love that boy. Being away from him just allows me to be that much more in awe of his abilities and personality when I see him!

Will said...

Hey Schiltz's!!!

We are in Kuala Lumpur and the hostel where we are staying has free wireless. We were excited to find Emily's post on our blog. We've been thinking about you guys every day and wondering how things are going. Looks like it's been another 10 days since the last update. I assume the next time we hear word from you there will be some news! Take care of one another. We can't wait to see the family soon!
Love, Will and Krista