Sunday, February 10, 2008


Well, we are playing the "baby waiting game" around here, as I'm sure you all know. To be honest though, I'm actually still feeling well and haven't yet hit the "baby come out!" point anyway, so things are good!

I did learn a little lesson in patience, though. Last Thursday, Feb. 7th, was the same day of pregnancy on which Ben was born. And, though I am fine with this little one taking all of the time she needs to be ready, I had spent this entire pregnancy assuming that I would have her before the 7th. So many people tell you that second babies come earlier than first ones, and I had already dilated and progressed so much at that point, that I really was expecting to not be pregnant anymore after the 7th.

So, to be frank, I was a cranky, crabby person all day on Feb 7th! I would not have wanted to be around me! My apologies to Aaron and Ben, and anyone else who had to be around me! I kept thinking, "What is she waiting for? I know she's more than capable of being outside rather than inside!! Why do I still have to be big and pregnant and uncomfortable? I am never able to make real plans because I don't know when I will be in labor? I'm so tired of preparing for labor, too...let's just get this done already!"

And then, on the morning of Friday, Feb 8th, I found out why she was waiting...Ben woke up sick with a fever! I am SO glad that there wasn't a newborn here needing love and attention, when the one we already have was very needy and very sick! I'm so glad that she was safe and didn't get exposed to any germs, and I'm so glad that I got to just hold and soothe and cuddle Ben with undivided attention through his fever and sickness one last time. Even though I know he would have been fine, I would have felt so bad for him having to be taken care of by someone else. When kids are sick...they just need and want their mamas!

He was a little better yesterday, and seems nearly 100% today, so I figure that if she hangs on until at least tomorrow, then we will be relatively germ-free again, and she can come safely when she is ready.

So, as we approach our due date of Thurs, Feb 14th, I will just keep being patient, and belive in my heart that she knows when her birthday should be, and that she will let me know when it is good and safe for her to be here!

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Francie said...

I voted for Feb 14th! Hang in there, won't be long now!!