Saturday, February 2, 2008

Words of wisdom...

One of the joys of raising a toddler is getting to enjoy the words that they use...especially when the words are not quite perfect!

Here are a few of the words that Ben uses "almost" perfectly:

sermostack = thermostat
yogret = yogurt
broked = broken
lasterday = yesterday
hairpane = airplane
twain twaks = train tracks
fweight = freight
sirsty = thirsty
dinosaur game = Hungy, Hungy Hippo game
good guys = police, firemen, etc.
(When he counts past 10) eleven ,etwelve, sirteen, sirteen, sirteen = 11, 12, 13, 14, 15

*I'll include more as I can remember them.

Also, he has been using SUCH polite language lately. This week, on Thursday, we had our friends Zach and Owen over to play, and Zach's mom was talking about how she encourages Zach to use his polite language throughout the day, especially during meal times when she is serving him food. Well, I think Ben must have been listening closely, because ever since then, he has been saying things like, "Thank you for giving me broccoli and turkey, Mama!" and "Thank you for washing my hands, Mama" and Thank you for giving me my juice." Also, when I am sitting on the couch, and he wants me to move so he can use the couch as a track for his cars, he will come up and say, "Excuse me, Mama, excuse me, I need to drive my cars!"

A few other random quotes:

Daddy, stomp in the snow with me!
I guess not!
There you go, Mama!
Good morning, I waked up!
Um, just not.
Yep, I sure do!
Yep, it sure is!
I don't know what THAT is.
Oh, Mama, you know I love that belly!
Can I snuggle you guys?
Let's snuggle together in Ben's room.
Drag you on the floor, Daddy!
Pick you up!
I need to take my medicine! (He sees me take prenatal vitamins every day, and is fascinated! After saying this today, he then proceeded to put 2 peas in his mouth from his lunch, take a drink of juice, and throw back his head and swallow the peas!! Unbelivable!)

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